A firmware update can resolve issues that the previous firmware version may have and improve printer performance.

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Latest version

pr3Dator Firmware 2019.07.02
2019.07.02 All Classic CraftBots 1376kb
Release date: 2019.07.02.


only CBP changes :

Bug fix: 

-At the end of printing, the locked heating of tool is not switched off.
-Text fixes.

only CB3 changes :

Bug fixes:

-If Fahrenheit is set, the numbers (wich represents line numbers) in the XY Calibration menu are not good.

-When the filament sensor detects a jam and the filament roll is empty or jammed, 
it will not always recognize that it has been resolved or not, under the checking process.

-When the user slices a single head object in Craftware and selects the backup mode on the machine,
the "T0 XYZ" command in the .gcode file will be dropped. For example, the machine does not step in Z axes.

Common changes:

-There is a new menu item where the user can be reset all to factory settings.
-When the machine prints and a slow heat-up error occurred the printer goes to fatal error instead of pause state.

Common Bug fixes:

-When printing from an external device, the display does not always enter the print menu.

Previous version

pr3Dator Firmware 2019.03.06
2019.03.06 All Classic CraftBots 1415kb
Release date: 18-02-2019


only CB2 changes :

only CB3 changes :

	Case fan control modified , the fan RPM has increased.
	Case fan rotation checking when switch on machine.
	The machine checks all fans automatically when short circuit detected on 12V line.	
	The user can disable the thermal prewarning message by M8020 S1/S0 code
	The user can disable the pre-calculation by M9090 S1/S0 code and the size parameters changeable too ( x y z maximums ).
Common changes:

	UNIX style linebreak handling improved
	Spanish language expanded.
	Redefined error message texts.
	The email type of messages is expanded ( pause in gcode , start print , stop print ). They can be turned on and off.
	The user can be turned on and off the Wifi module completely.
	Nozzle diameter settings. Extruder speed changes automatically by nozzle size settings under manual extrude.
	File parser changed. If the header contains some parameters of gcode the machine displays these and check the nozzle diameter too.
		;#disp params:
		;Zmax:24.000 mm
		;Xmax:211.732 mm
		;Ymax:141.821 mm
		;Xmin:178.138 mm
		;Ymin:87.133 mm
		;E0diam:0.40 mm
		;E1diam:0.40 mm
		;E0len:2.911 m
		;E1len:0.846 m
		;E0temp:215 C
		;E1temp:215 C
		;Bedtemp:60 C
		;#params end
	Thermal runaway implemented:
		On/off-able by M1212 S1/S0 code. (defult On state)
		The default time is adjustable by Q(sec) parameter (default is 20 sec).
	The display shows some details when the user printing from an external host (like Octopi) if use these m-codes.
		M110 S1 - start code (initialize the printer and the display )
		M110 S2 - stop code (the printer steps into the default state)
	Octopi settings example:
		Before print job starts:
			T0 ; select head 1 
			M110 S1 ; initialize the printer and the display
			G28 ; Home all axes
		After print job completes:
			M110 S2 ; the printer steps into the default state
		After print job is cancelled:
			M110 S2  ; the printer steps into the default state
			M84  ; disable motors
			M104 S0 T0 ; switch off head 1 heating
			M104 S0 T1 ; switch off head 2 heating
			M140 S0 ; switch off bed heating
			M106 S0 ; disable object fan
		After print job is paused:
			G197 ; pause
		Before print job is resumed:
			G198 ; resume
		( install the progress bar code (M73) octopi plugin )

	Other bug fixes.

Previous version

pr3Dator Firmware 2019.01.08
2019.01.08 All Classic CraftBots 1376kb
Release date: 07-01-2019


CB2 changes: 

	New error detection implemeted for TMC2208 driver.
	Overtemperature error message(predator v3.1t only).
	Short-circuit error message(predator v3.1t only).

CB3 changes:

	G2, G3 Controlled arc move implemented.
	TMC2130 temperature preWARNING message and pause during print.
	TMC2130 overtemperature error message.
	TMC2130 short circuit error message.
	The XY position changed in "Z-axis calibration".
	The XY position changed in "Encoder calibration".
	The date displaying is now fixed.
	Support the standby temperature feautre of the next CW version.
Common changes: 

	Smooth motion when increasing feed value during printing process.
	"Temperature lock during printing" feature implemented.
	New "Temperature on/off" function during print added. Takes effect if you bring down the temperature under the minimum 120°C
	Linear advance (M900 K or A D) feature.
	If there are no known characters in the file or path, a message appears on the LCD screen.
	Smooth jogging in X Y Z axes.
	It is now possible to use SPACE character in file names.
FW update Installation
  1. Download the latest Firmware for the FLOW 3D printers at
  2. Copy CRAFT_UPDATE.ZIP to a FAT32 formatted usb drive
  3. Put the pendrive in to the HMI port
  4. Wait for the pendrive icon appear on the top right corner of the screen
  5. Go to SETTINGS and then UPGRADE menu
  6. Press the RESCAN button until UPDATE FROM PENDRIVE appears
  7. Tap the UPDATE FROM PENDRIVE to start the update process
  8. Update is automatic, when it is ready, click on the UPDATE FINISHED OK button
If the FW update run into error, please do the following:
  1. Turn off the printer
  2. With a piece of filament push and hold the reset button (a little hole under the ethernet port)
  3. Turn on the printer
  4. Release the button
  5. Install the FW as above

Latest version

Flow Firmware
2020.03.17 All Flow Generation CraftBots 45402kb
2020.03.17. Craft Flow Firmware Pack

Mainboard:  v1.1.23655
HMI-LCD:    v1.1.4656
WebServer:  v0.7.10


New features:

- HU, DE, EN language packs.
- Separated filament flow setting in dual head machines.
- Separated LOAD/UNLOAD in IDEX machines.
- Better Z offset settings procedure in IDEX machines. 
  The XY position is centered in the middle of buildplate and the machine use Bl-touch in this process.
- Refactored print menu.
  File oparations in Print menu (under ACTIONS button). Delete, Copy , move , create new directory.


New features:
- Printer status check from remote website.
- Better remote access service management and status check.
- Remote access token revoke option.
- Improved login session management.
- Idle detection and connection break when viewed through remote site.
- More aggressive default username / password update handling.

- IDEX head2 target temp set fix .
- Spelling errors and other minor fixes.

Previous version

Flow Firmware
2020.02.25 All Flow Generation CraftBots 44706kb
2020.02.25 CraftFlow

Pr3dator:  v1.1.23572
CraftGui:  v1.1.4232
FlowAdmin: v0.7.5

New features:

- New settings menu.
- New nozzle settings menu.
- Added some menupoints: Door, Fan ( object, extruder, case dome), FMS, Email.
- New mesh mapping procedure at 60 C, 80 C, 100 C for the perfect first layer quality at each temperature.
- Bed compensation working with average error in mirror and parallel modes. 
- In the Z offset calibration, the XY position is centered in the front.
- If the Z offset is fine then skip this process automatically.
- When resuming printing, the lower reference will not be taken unless the Z Max was calibrated.
- The Pr3dator update has changed.


- If the filament is clogged and the extruder cools down after 30 minutes and the user confirms the fault, the hotend is not heated up to the desired temperature automatically. 
- In dual print mode, at head-change the head heated up or cool down over the part.
- Motor driver error resolved.
- The filament unload has been optimized. 
- Resume Printing (Cannot continue printing from a flash drive, incorrect feed value in first section, skips first section). 

Previous version

Flow Firmware
2020.01.28 All Flow Generation CraftBots 43943kb
Pr3dator  v1.1.23388
CraftGui  V1.1.3286
FlowAdmin V0.6.7