Give your students the opportunity
to learn 3D printing with state-of-the-art
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The Initiative

Only 10 schools in the country will be selected to compete in our board game challenge, so don’t miss your chance!

Each of the ten selected schools will receive a CraftBot 3D Printer for three months in order to complete the challenge tasks. The challenge is to design, collaborate and learn through the development and production of a unique board game. Based on their work, three schools will win and be able to keep the 3D printer they were given.

Join our 3D printing challenge and your school receives

  • A 3D printer for three months
  • Our online 3D printing training curriculum
  • An instructional webinar for teachers
  • Access to a private FB group for teacher support



The teams have to develop, design and create a unique board game. At least 25% of the game must be created with the 3D printer.


Create a video of the actual gameplay


The participants have to create and write out the rules of the game, and include photos and videos of their teamwork on the project.


Work with CraftUnique to get media coverage and digital presence to showcase your work.

How does the initiative work

Fill out the questionnaire to apply. Based on your answers, we will determine the schools we feel are ready to complete this challenge

10 schools will be selected and each will be loaned one CraftBot Plus 3D Printer

Representatives of the selected schools will then have access to the PrintLab license for one month to teach them the basics of 3D designing and printing

School teams will then have three months to complete the board game challenge

How does this help your students

Creativity Problem solving skills Teamwork
Stereopsis Complex project management Video creation and editing
Presentation techniques Complex knowledge Holistic attitude

Craftbot Plus offers you:


We understand schools may operate on a limited budget so it is important that quality is combined with affordability. In 2016 CraftBot was rated “The best budget 3D printer” in the most comprehensive 3D Printer Guide published by 3D Hubs. And, it retails at an affordable price point.


CraftBot can be set up for operation without in-depth specialist knowledge.
In 2017 CraftBot was rated “The best Plug ’N’ Play 3D printer” in 3D Hubs’ annual guide.

„THE Tank”

That’s how users call the sheet metal framed CraftBot as its unquestionably a very reliable, long lasting 3D printer. It is composed primarily of metal and aluminium parts, specifically for durability.


CraftBot is one of the only printers to take enhanced safety incredibly seriously. All of the printers offer a complete enclosure with a lockable door and a 2 stage HEPA/Activated Carbon filtration system.

Feedback from previous school initiatives:

We organized the competition for the second time this year in Europe. A few years ago, 3D printing was a new phenomenon, and schools were often reluctant to start a project like this.
But children are always very enthusiastic about digital education tools.

The feedback of the project work:

“All team members were very proud of their work. They caught the attention of their fellow students who realised that the teams were involved in something really exciting and were learning things in the process that were useful and interesting and could be of practical use even after they finished their studies.”

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