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CraftBot made the impossible possible

The artistic concept was that elements from all of the great world religions should be represented and on display in the form of stage props and costume art: the all-seeing eye, Shiva’s arms, the body of a centaur, a godly face and angelic wings.
Hungarian rock band Anna and the Barbies proved once again that no matter what they imagine, it can become a reality with the aid of 3D printing... Read their story now!

The idea of a perfect show

The band envisioned an out-of-this-world show in support of their newest chart-topping album "Utopia". The perfect surrealistic vision came complete with special costumes, mind-bending prosthetics and a 2 meter tall godly face hanging at center stage.

The performers' showcase of endurance/stage antics also played a part in the design: the Centaur extension worn by Anna was a specific challenge, due to the choreographical strain imposed upon it by Anna's relentless bounding and caper. The prop's custom network of LEDs were particularly impressionable during periods of dimmer stage lighting, as were the angelic wings worn by the supporting band members (printed from "Glow in the dark" filament).  The device warn by Anna, based upon a multi-armed variant of the Hindu god Shiva, incorporated independently-mechanical appendages.  Another prop, the helmet-like "big eye" extension, proved to be a challenge in comfort-design, to ensure that it would not be a hindrance to her singing.
The following photos attribute to just how great ideas, either Anna's or your's, can become a reality!

CraftBot at your service!

To create these otherworldly visuals within the confines of a worldly budget, one must look toward a special solution. Luckily, CraftBot is at your service to save the day once again! The costumes and body extensions, based purely upon their dimensions, were the easier part -now let's step it up a notch and take a look at that 2 meter high human face! 

The construction is based upon 69 individually printed pieces attached upon a large wooden frame; all the pieces were unified, processed and painted during post-production. 3D printing is the perfect solution for fabricating a prop such as this, so-dependent on precise perimeters for success. CraftBot provides the perfect solution: a platform of proven accuracy, at the head of the pack.

Tearing down the boundaries

The construction of these most-impressive stage elements, not to mention the print assembly test of the large face prop, prove once again that CraftBot really provides when it comes to tearing down all the boundaries; the creation of even the craziest ideas is made easier and more affordable than ever!  ... And it is not only Rock Stars who can benefit from this wonderful technology.

We are most grateful for having the opportunity of working together with the Anna & the Barbies team. Thank you very much!